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Ow, yes!

I have heared previously that CCTV is mostly  developed in Britain. It is a true fact, that in big sities like London or Birmingham it is possible to watch every single person way from home to work, because cameras are everywhere. Is it bad or good? From one hand side, of course, it is really good in connection with crime! All the criminals can be cought easily now. However anyway there is not 100% of criminal caught in Britain. But from the other hand, it is obvious that being out, people loose their privacy. Most of people now, that someone is looking at them and it is obvious that they change their behaviour, they are becoming unnatural.

So what about Facebook and other registration of our information. All the time we register at any innocent websites, we provide government and other special organisations with our information, which they can use for their purposes.

Recently I have seen the film “Zeitgeist” (2007),  it is a documentory movie, whch decribes religion, september 11 and banks system. The main idea of the film is, that ti is well easy to influence on people an put them under the control, that we all are nothing, but little beings, motnitored by higher instances.

Agree or not agree?? I would say, that to make life easyer, it is better not to think about others. I mean, not to be selfish, but live your life without thinking about those, who can be interested in your information. Because is not to commite somenting  extraordinary bad, no one will be interested in you.


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1 piece of work

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Running the Nmbers

Thinking about goods consuming in America I suddenly remembered about poor developing countres.

There are appoximately 6 billion or even more people on the Planet. Moreover only 1 billion lives in a prosperous developed world, while the majority of the poplation lives in poverty, starving every day.

If to look at the Earth fron the open space, it is noticable that mostly well lit areas will be US, Central Europe and Japan. What about such huge territories as Africa, Asia, South America??? Electricity shows the level of development very clear.

Breast surgery! I will never understand this. Is it beautiful? Basically palstic surgery was invented in order to help people, who were injured after war battles, car crashers and etc. Nowadays it became very popular. Often rich people do it just in order to entertain themselves. Sometimes I thin that fashion rules the world and people become such easily and silly addicted to its laws. Why? Propbably I will never understand richman`s world. Sorry.

Cigaretts. We have just finished the report about smoking ban for another module. This world will never finish smoking. I do not know. Probably it is tasty? actually, governments are interested in people, buying cigaretts. They make big profits from tobacco trade. For about 70% of mney go to the government and only 30 – to tobacco companies.

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Yes!!! Designs can make us HAPPy!!

Yes, the movie about Stefan Sagmeister`s works was really impressive.

So, what I was thinking about while watching it? Creation is everywhere in our life. The majority of statements, he was showing, had something to with the design. And it is amazing. It is like the look at our life from the other side. And creation itself makes you happy as well. All the time we can do something from nothing. Already this thought can make us happy.

Just look at Stefan Sagmeister!!! He is very cheerful, easy going and life enjoing man. He definitely loves the thing he is doing. Designs make him happy. He loves the process of creation and enjoys it. Just a little change in the undeground signs and people look at them differently. Smile appers at their faces. Moreover people could make their own advertisments signing at the empty space near the images, whih was left there specially for them. It made them happy for shure! They wewe joking while signing it.

In general, it is not only about the designs, but at every step of our life we should enjoy. We live just once and creation helps us to lead more colourful an bright life.

Just make it easyer and better for yourself.

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So What does it all Mean???

The statistics which was shown on our week 2 was a little bit scary. We all live in this world but do not think about this changes which technology brings. Actually I did not think this it could be that global.

I remember my school time whan I just got my first phone, but now I can not imagine my regilar day without a phone. Also, we hardly used computers at school (probably 2 times a week), but now, sudying at university I use it several times a day, I can not manage wit my studies without using it. It looks like an opinion of someone, who is over 40, but I am a student and I am just 20.

Loads of things to think about. It was mentioned the fact  that there is more information in “the Times” now, than in the whole life of 18 century person. I also knew the fact that nowadays average person every day sees more people around than 17 centry peasant.

Technology developes in the geometric progerssion, is not it scary? Couple of centurys ago people can say in what world their children will live, however I can not say that about my children.

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Hello world!

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